Toasted Nut Cafe Black Tea by Simpson & Vail

If you’re looking for a bold Black Tea with a toasty, nutty flavour, why not give this tea a try? Like the name suggests, this tea gives us the reminder of being in a cafe – the aroma of tea and coffee that can help perk us up in the morning or help to wind down at the end of a long day.

The description given by Simpson & Vail describe this tea perfectly:

For some people, desserts can only be served with coffee. For others, desserts and tea are perfectly complementary. With our Toasted Nut Café you don’t have to be one or the other! This blend combines black tea, almonds, coffee beans and flavors to produce a hearty cup that has a toasty coffee flavor. The black tea flavor comes through with the coffee and toasted nut flavors as an aftertaste. A perfect beverage to accompany a wide range of sweets: truffles, tortes, pies, cakes and more. Or enjoy as is or with a little sweetener and a dollop of cream.


Black tea leaves are mixed in with bits of almonds and coffee beans. The aroma is nutty, toasty, with a hint of coffee and even a bit of chocolate (though I don’t think chocolate is included in this tea!) – it does very much reminds me of being in a cafe! It is relaxing but also uplifting.

Once brewed, the tea is a very dark amber colour with the same aroma prior to brewing – nutty, toasty, and very cafe-like! There is just the slightest hint of coffee, which is quite pleasant. The aroma is quite balanced!

This is a very nice tea to sip. The black tea is robust in flavour and is what I taste the most. Just as Simpson and Vail described, the almonds and coffee are a flavour that follows the black tea. Just like the aroma, sipping this tea reminds me of being in a cafe and makes you want to curl up with a good book.

I did not feel the need to add any sweetener to this tea as the flavours were perfect just as they were. However, if you are one that likes a bit of sweetener in your tea, I’m sure the addition of honey, agave or coconut sugar would make this tea quite a delectable treat! With the hint of coffee, I’m sure milk  or, as suggested by Simpson & Vail, a dollop of cream, would be a wonderful addition to this tea!

This is a versatile, robust tea, perfect on it’s own in the morning or afternoon if you need a bit of a pick up or to enjoy with a cafe-inspired snack, such as a piece of coffee cake or a brownie. Enjoy!!


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Toasted Nut Cafe Black Tea by Simpson & Vail: If you’re looking for a bold black tea with a toasty, nutty flavou…

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