Tropical Fire from Tropical Tea Co.

Tropical Fire

Tropical Fire

This is definitely one of the more unique Black Teas that I’ve tasted!  The aroma is what strikes you first – a very strong scent of cloves and pepper.  In fact, this tea smells a lot like my own black pepper incense that I make!

While the aroma is very intense, the flavor is surprisingly smooth and well-rounded with a lovely fruit and spice taste.

Tropical Tea Co. describes this tea as:

The Black Tea base for for this tea is grown in Sri Lanka and is grown at 7600 feet above sea level.  You will enjoy the subtleties of {en:cinnamon} and {en:clove|cloves} beautifully captured as they blend with the sweetness of a tropical fruit melange.  This wonderful blend contains luxury black tea, naturally dried {en:pineapple} and {en:papaya}, freeze dried {en:kiwi}, {en:safflower} petals, and {en:lime} leaves.  This is one of Tropical Tea Co.’s more unique teas.  Tropical Fire Black Tea is a delightful combination of cinnamon, cloves and fruit flavors.  This tea is great for a quite night on the the white sand beaches of Bora Bora…..or your back yard…..

The tropical fruit flavors go very well with the cinnamon and cloves, and the Ceylon tea base is strong enough to carry all those intense flavors without being overwhelmed by them!

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I got a sample from them and it smells wonderful, but there is not one piece of info so I can’t review it 🙁

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