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Tummy TamerSunday dinner at our house usually means tacos.  Everyone in my family loves them.  My problem is that my tacos, while very delicious, are not very kind to my stomach.

Tummy Tamer to the rescue!  Loaded with beneficial herbs such as peppermint and spearmint, lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon balm and papaya leaf, this Herbal Tisane is well equipped with properties that will calm my upset stomach.

Needless to say, the flavor here is lemon-mint.  These two flavors play very well together, creating a very harmonious flavor that is delicious and soothing.

While this is a very lively blend, neither the lemon nor the mint are overwhelming.  The lemon is not the lemon that makes you want to pucker – it is the kinder, gentler lemon that is lightly sweet, and lulls you into a state of relaxation.  Similarly, the mint is refreshing yet not too strong.

KTeas describes this tea as

Vibrant green leaves infuse into a golden clear, naturally caffeine-free brew. Soothing papaya and vibrant mints are expertly blended with various “lemon” herbs to create this calming brew. So: upset tummy or not, settle in for a scrumptious, soothing cup. Serve hot or cold.

This is a blend that would work as an iced tea or as a hot tea… personally, as a “tummy tamer” I prefer it hot – it is just more relaxing for me personally that way.  What is really nice about this blend is that although it is what I occasionally refer to as a “functional” tea – that is, a tea with a purpose – it doesn’t taste like a functional tea.  It is just a very pleasant tasting tea that  offers the added benefit of taming the tummy.

And that’s just the way I like a functional tea to be.

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This sounds great, I might need a sample. I get tummy issues too.

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