Uncle Sam’s Niece from Tea For All Reasons

Uncle Sam's Niece from Tea For All ReasonsThe perfect summertime berry blend!  A delicious mix of red raspberries and blueberries fall against a lovely light to medium bodied Black Tea – it’s a tea that Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy uses regularly, and I’m fairly sure it’s a Ceylon tea, but it does make a lovely background for this tea.

Happy Birthday Kathy from The Tea Review BlogI think it’s special that not only is this tea a holiday, 4th of July themed tea, but is also a tribute to a special friend – the owner of Tea For All Reason’s friend Kathy, who owns a retail business also called Uncle Sam’s Niece, because her birthday actually falls on the 4th of July.  So everyone leave a comment here helping me to wish Kathy a Happy Birthday today!! Kathy, we hope you have a wonderful and patriotic birthday today, and every 4th of July to come!

Tea For All Reasons describes this tea as:

The subtle flavorings of this black tea are Raspberry and Blueberry with additions of blue flowers and red, white and blue candy stars for a touch of whimsy. My friend and collaborator, Kathy, has a retail business called “Uncle Sam’s Niece,” specializing in giftware. This tea was created in her honor as she was born on the 4th of July!

The berries in this blend make it a fantastic summertime tea whether you prefer it hot or iced.  Although I am not usually a fan of berry tea blends, this blend is not tart or bitter, and does not include hibiscus or rosehips as flavoring, just plain, realistic raspberry and blueberry flavoring.  I like the fact that it isn’t tart and doesn’t overwhelm the palate.  And the cute little red white and blue candy stars which add a celebratory flair to the appearance of the tea are a wonderful addition to this blend also.   Have a happy Independence Day, America, and enjoy it even more with a cup of Uncle Sam’s Niece tea.

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