Vanilla Blend White Tea from Double Koi Tea

Vanilla Blend White Tea from Double Koi TeaA 5-star White Tea from the time you open the package!  This tea really impressed me with it’s lovely creamy vanilla flavor and fragrance.  A deep, warm vanilla that accentuates the light flavor of the white tea leaves.  Since vanilla is a fairly light flavor in itself – although it’s very pronounced and creamy in this blend – it doesn’t overwhelm the white tea leaves like some other flavors might.

Double Koi goes a step further than vanilla flavoring in this gorgeous blend…they include actual organic vanilla bean pieces along with their natural vanilla flavor.  This tea smells and tastes like a real vanilla bean!

Double Koi Tea describes this tea as:

When you crave for a cup of vanilla ice cream, grab a cup of Vanilla tea instead! Makes a very rich cup of vanilla flavor and white tea. Add ice if you like it chilled.

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Certification: National Organic Program

Ingredients:  Organic {en:Bai_Mu_Dan_tea|Pai Mu Tan White tea leaves}, organic vanilla beans, and natural vanilla flavor.

This is a tea I would love to have on hand at all times.  The nutty aroma of the Pai Mu Tan leaves makes an ambrosial accent to the scent of vanilla, making this a delight for all of the senses.  The flavor is very smooth and mellow with lots of creamy vanilla overtones.  A beautiful white tea blend!

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this sounds so good… i like having tea in midday… i think i’m gonna try this… like the heart thing…

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