Vanilla Ceylon Tea from Dilmah Tea

Vanilla Ceylon Tea

Vanilla Ceylon Tea

This is a very deep, complex brew that tantalizes and delights!  My favorite teas are flavored Black Teas, and this one certainly did not disappoint!  Before I even opened this tea, the bright yellow labeling with it’s classy silver tin was not only a gorgeous addition to my kitchen decor, but of very high quality!

The tea within is packaged in silken triangle sachets which are completely see-though so you can see the tea inside, while allowing the tea leaves plenty of room to unfurl.

The fragrance of this tea is warm, buttery and sensual.  Deep sugary vanilla overtones follow with the fragrance and taste of Dilmah’s high quality single estate Ceylon tea.

Dilmah Tea describes this tea as:

A light, bright tea with a sensual and aromatic finish. The combination of high grown Ceylon and the inspiring aroma of Vanilla make this a delightful tea. High elevation Ceylon Tea in perfect balance with the exotic, creamy aroma of Vanilla, this is a high quality tea with a fun aspect. Ideal taken straight, perhaps with a touch of sugar if desired. While the tea is infusing, savor the aroma of tea mingling with Vanilla.

Tasting notes – Granular with deep dark brown colors found in aged Cognac (browns as well as blacks, purples and flecks of orange from the vanilla).   A medium bodied tea of chestnut colored liquor. Aromas of sour preserved plum and vanilla butter can be detected on the nose. However, what emerges in the mouth hints of magnolia and plum. This velvety textured tea is indulgent and engaging.

About The Brand –  Dilmah is Single Origin, 100% Pure Ceylon, entirely grown, handpicked & packaged in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), producer of the world’s finest tea. Single Origin explains why Dilmah is fresher, richer & full of flavor. Dilmah is packed at Source, Garden Fresh. Packaging in Sri Lanka, within days of picking fresh leaf in the tea fields, maximizes freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea.

I used sweetener in my tea, but no milk.   The vanilla flavor has such sweet notes that it  intensifies any added sweeteners, so I didn’t add as much sweetener as I normally do.  And the result was a very mellow golden brew that balanced rich warm vanilla so perfectly with high-grade Ceylon tea. I really enjoyed this tea!

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This is the best Vanilla Tea out there. I’m from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and can validate the fantastic aromas from Dilmah Tea.
Fantastic pick!

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