Vanilla Chai from Indonique

Vanilla Chai

When I first examined the sample I was given of this tea, I was surprised to see how finely ground it was.  It resembled a tea powder, similar to an instant mix, rather than a tea that is to be brewed.  I was a little dismayed by the appearance; however, the scent was so inviting that I simply had to try it.

And I’m glad I did!  The flavor of this chai is truly outstanding.  The combination of spices and tea is well balanced, with a robust flavor of the Nilgiri tea providing a perfect base for the warmth of the Masala spice.  And very noteworthy as well is the vanilla, which is sweet and smooth, and is not obscured by the strength of the tea and spices.  The vanilla provides a pleasant contrast to the spices, making this a chai that is delicious with or without the addition of milk.

Of course, I enjoyed my chai as a latte, adding just a splash of half and half.  This added an additional layer of creamy flavor to the chai which I found very rewarding.  I also recommend adding a sweetener (I chose agave nectar) as this gives a boost of flavor to the spices in the blend.  It is a very delightful flavor that rivals and perhaps even surpasses the flavor of the chai latte from my favorite local coffee shop.

Indonique describes this tea as

The same spiced masala Chai Indonique offers with a generous addition of sweet Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla; sensuous, aromatic and richly fulfilling.

Because of the fine ground nature of this tea, I chose to brew it for only 1 ½ minutes, and this was just the right amount of time.  When you brew this tea, I recommend using a very fine nylon mesh strainer or infuser, or you can do as I did, and use a T-Sac to brew the tea.  This will eliminate the issue of leaf particles floating around in your tea.

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