Vanilla Cinnamon Bun from Compass Teas

This is yummy even just looking at it – pieces of vanilla bean and cinnamon bark are mixed with the red Rooibos, sitting there saying “inhale me, inhale me!” And they do smell lovely. And then the tea steeps to a deep red color, and you can still inhale the aroma of the cinnamon and vanilla. And then you get to drink it, too!

Add a bit of sugar to this one – although it’s got vanilla bean and a bit of honeybush in it, it isn’t sweet-tasting by itself. Vanilla sugar would be a nice thing to put in it, too! One of the things I like about rooibos is that I can steep it a bit longer than regular tea, thus getting more of any added flavors. A little bit of milk also tastes nice in this – the vanilla makes it creamy.

Compass Teas describes this tea as:

Who wouldn’t love the idea of a cinnamon bun in a teacup? Slip on your fuzzy robe and slippers and warm up with this yummy tea version of your favorite dessert.

This is definitely better hot than iced – but then, I don’t like most rooibos as iced tea, so that may just be me. If you’ve enjoyed other rooibos as iced tea, try this one and see what you think.  But don’t add lemon or lime to it – even though the ingredients include a bit of orange peel and hibiscus, the vanilla and cinnamon flavorings do not play well with sour citrus juice (although a slice of a particularly sweet orange might do OK).

Compass Teas’ web site is fairly new (as I write this in June 2009), and there are a few features of it that might could use some improvement (in my opinion, as a person wearing bifocals and squinting), so that they make it easier to find things on their menu and less of it has to do with edgy design – but even if you’re middle-aged as I am, and maybe don’t find grey on black to be as readable as younger people do, it’s worth scrolling down to check out their wide variety of herbal and caffeine-free teas! Several of their teas are chock full of vitamin C and assorted anti-oxidants, so that one can feel downright virtuous while sipping a treat.

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This tea sounds soooo yummy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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