Vanilla Comoro from Harney & Sons

Vanilla Comoro from Harney & SonsI ordered a sample of this tea months ago.  And it sat in my tea stash for those many months, just sitting there, waiting for me to have the courage to actually brew it and taste it.

You see, this is a decaffeinated tea.  And I have this deeply rooted belief that decaffeinated means yuck.  Decaffeinated means a thin, lackluster tea that tastes so terrible that it’s not even worth the effort to brew it.

It isn’t as though that deeply rooted belief is unfounded, because it stems from having had some rather unfortunate tastes of decaffeinated tea in the past.  But it was so long ago!  It’s time to update my opinion of decaffeinated tea.  Because the truth is that I’ve actually tasted several delicious decaffeinated teas.  But none – and I mean NONE – have compared to THIS!  This is awesome!  By far the BEST decaffeinated tea I’ve tasted to date.

The aroma of the dry leaf is delightful.  It is a swirl of maple-ish, vanilla-y deliciousness.  The brewed tea has more of a “Black Tea” scent, but still maintains the maple/vanilla scent – although it is significantly softer than that of the dry leaf.

And what is that … what is that?  In with the tea leaf?  Could it be?  VANILLA BEANS?  I can see them!

The flavor is so delicious that I am having a hard time believing that I’m drinking a decaffeinated tea.  It is not thin, it is not lacking in flavor.  It has a very strong flavor that is somewhat bake-y and has a chewy consistency to it that is very uncharacteristic for a decaffeinated tea.  Or perhaps I should say – uncharacteristic for what I believe of decaffeinated teas.

The vanilla is strong and when it melds with the black tea flavor, it produces a sort of caramel-esque essence that is creamy and rich and lip-smackingly delicious.  This is truly a delightful tea – so good, in fact, that I’m not missing the caffeine!

Harney & Sons describes this tea as

Our Decaffeinated Vanilla Tea

So toothsome, so confoundedly delicious, Vanilla Comoro Tea radiates a softly sweet aroma and has a rich malty, yet light-bodied character. Vanilla notes swirl in each sip of this tasty decaffeinated black tea enhanced by creamy vanilla from Comoros Islands.

Please note, this is a Decaffeinated Tea.

While this tea maintains it’s delicious flavor as it cools, I find it much better as a hot tea just because it has such a comforting flavor which is better expressed as a hot tea.  It has a light sweetness to it so it doesn’t need additional sweetener, but I do recommend adding a drop of milk to the cup.  This really brings out the creamy vanilla flavor even more.

I really love this tea… could it be that it is time to add a decaffeinated tea to my stash?

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Dowager Countess

I’m so happy to find this review. I came to this forum specifically looking for reviews of Harney & Sons teas. I already love their blend called Paris and I’m also enjoying their Hot Cinnamon (though this stuff really is spicy/hot). I’ve been wanting a decaf tea for the evenings but am always wary of decaf…but this review makes me feel safe to try it.

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