Vanilla Mint from Golden Moon Tea

Vanilla Mint from Golden Moon TeaThis is a beautiful tea to drink.  With both black and Green Teas, along with the creamiest, dreamiest vanilla bean flavor standing against a fresh invigorating background of mint.  And it really does taste as good as it sounds!

Although I love including sprigs of fresh mint and apple mint to this tea, it is perfectly lovely on it’s own, with or without additional sugar.  I would also say that this is an exceptional iced tea for spring and summertime.  None of the flavors are muted in anyway by serving this tea iced.

Golden Moon Tea describes this tea as:

Golden Moon Vanilla Mint tea combines the best quality green leaf tea with rich black vanilla leaf flavor and outstanding mint flavor. The flavor of the black leaf is rich and dark and sweet and mysterious with a caramel-like depth while the flavor of the green leaf is light and mellow. The mint adds a refreshing fragrance of spearmint and peppermint.

Physically, the black leaf vanilla has an even, medium sized leaf while the green leaf is rolled into small shiny pellets. The various flavors meld into a mellow and smooth tea complemented by a distinctive aromatic and refreshing taste.

Our Vanilla Mint tea is a unique offering on the market today. The tea is the only blend that combines the two very popular vanilla and mint flavors in one loose leaf tea. It is truly an exceptional value.

I’ve tasted a lot of vanilla mint teas, and lots of mint teas, and nothing I’ve tasted has come close to the delicious flavor this tea has, perfectly balancing the mint and vanilla so that you can actually taste just as much vanilla as you can mint.  And the mint is so soft and smooth, not at all sharp or overly strong, which makes for a perfect mint tea – which really this is!  Completely and utterly refreshing and delicious!

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I am a big fan of this tea as well. In fact, I dare say it is my favorite at the moment!

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