Vanilla Orange Jasmine Green Tea from Tea For All Reasons

Vanilla Orange Jasmine Green Tea

This Vanilla Orange Jasmine Green Tea from Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy shows exceptional quality in a delicate feminine brew that cleverly hints at fresh oranges and vanilla under the stunning exotic taste and aroma of jasmine.

Tea For All Reasons describes this tea as:

This is as close to heaven in a teacup as you’ll ever experience. Fragrant Jasmine Green tea is paired with citrusy dried orange pieces and mellowed out with vanilla flavoring. Additions of dried apple pieces, Rosehips, Hibiscus, sunflower petals and Red Thistle round out this amazing brew. You’ll become addicted!

Green Tea comes from the Camellia Senensis plant but is not fermented. Its light character marries beautifully with fruit and floral flavorings. The brew is lighter and milder than Black Tea and does contain some caffeine. Two oz. of Green Tea yields 20-24 teaspoons or enough tea to make approximately 2-24 cups of tea, using 1 level teaspoon of loose tea for each 5 oz. cup. A cup is not a mug – a mug equals about 2 cups.

The green tea base is of absolutely superior quality that you can taste!  One of my favorite parts of this tea is the heady aroma of jasmine and orange,  it’s one of the first things you notice and one of the many parts of this tea to savor.    This beautiful blend manages to pull off being delicate and floral at the same time as being exotic and tropical.   One of a Tea For All Reasons best offerings!

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