Vanilla Temptation from Adagio Teas

Vanilla Temptation from Adagio TeasAdagio Teas offers their visitors a unique experience by allowing them to create designer teas of their own, which others can then purchase through the Adagio website.  This is one such creation, called “Vanilla Temptation” by its creator, Chandler Weiner.

Vanilla Temptation, in the words of Chandler, consists of 30% {en:Rooibos} vanilla {en:chai}, 30% cream Black Tea, and 40% vanilla black tea.  Therefore it goes without saying that this is one seriously vanilla tea.

The chai base is warming but not overly spicy, with most of the stronger spices like ginger being muted considerably by the addition of cream and vanilla flavored Ceylon tea.  Everything about this tea is creamy, soothing and mild. 

Adagio Teas describes this tea as:

Vanilla is the most consumed ice cream flavor because of its simplistic and filling taste. Temper your vanilla craving with a sweet Vanilla Temptation. This mixture of vanilla chai, rooibos, and black teas is a delightful sweet treat and a healthy way to enjoy vanilla. Brew this tea with milk for an even stronger vanilla experience. Perfect for an after dinner treat or a sweet morning start. The rooibos vanilla chai gives this tea a sweet kick that compliments the smooth vanilla and cream of the black teas.

Now, right now I’m trying to reduce my calorie intake; however, I personally felt it was a sin against Tea to Drink This blend sans milk or sweetener, so I allowed myself one teaspoon of {en:Turbinado} sugar, and a dash of Light Soy Milk. It really made it so much more smooth and creamy!

If you are looking for a very light chai, with a lot of creamy overtones, this is the tea for you! Click here for the direct link to Vanilla Temptation!

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