Violet from Kusmi Tea

Violet from Kusmi Tea

I found my Kusmi Violet tea at a local specialty food store. I was overwhelmed by the rows upon rows of unique (to me!) brands of tea. The purple canister of the Kusmi Violet tea certainly got my attention. When I realized it was Violet flavored Black Tea I knew that this was the one for me to take home!  I had never had a Violet flavored tea prior to drinking this product. However, I like flavored teas and trying new things so I thought I would give it a try.

When I opened the Tin of Tea the tea was artfully packaged inside in a plastic liner with a silver Kusmi Tea sticker holding it closed. The leaves are of varying sizes and the majority are dark brown with some lighter leaves mixed in. I do not see any obvious violet leaves.

I brewed this tea in my four-cup glass teapot so that I could see the color and watch the leaves unfurl. The tea brews up medium in color for a black tea – almost amber in tone.  The smell has the dark honeyed undertone with the light floral notes of the violet.  I used boiling water and let the tea steep 3-4 minutes.

I did not add any milk and/or sugar to my review. The flavor is very smooth. I can taste the Chinese tea underneath the lovely violet flavor. The taste is similar to other floral teas but violet clearly has its own flavor distinct from rose, jasmine and other flavors.  As the tea cools the Violet flavor gets more pronounced especially at the end of each sip.

Kusmi describes this tea as:

Black tea from China flavored with natural essences of violet.

Tasting advice: delicious plain or sweetened.

Origin: China Time of day: afternoon
Main flavor: floral Ideal water temperature: 185°F – 195°F
Quantity needed: 0,1 oz. Recommended brewing time: 3-4 min

This was a great sipping tea for long periods of time. I made the four cups expecting to share with my husband – instead he got about 1 small teacupful and I drank the rest – while reading, while cooking dinner, in the car, etc.  I really enjoyed this tea and cannot wait to taste both other Violet teas and other products in the Kusmi line of teas.

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Ainee Beland

Lovely review. I too had similar reaction the first time I stumbled into a gourmet specialty store at a shopping plaza and found several walls filled with teas and Kusmi was amongst them. I don’t recall having seen the violet tea; I remember Caravan Tea and the tin was red; and there was a yellow tin and this must have been for their Jasmine tea; as well as a greenish tin, perhaps for mint or lemon teas; I took notice of the color scheme based on tea’s depicted; so perhaps the Violet tea was amongst but I missed the purple/blueish lavender tin.

Have you noticed this with the coloring and naming of their teas. It is nicely done and tins are nice as well.

I want to ask if you’ve sampled violet teas and lavender teas and how different or similar are they? I know lavender has many uses and it is herbal plant but I am not sure where the violet comes into play. There is the violet flower; having just realized as typing this. I mean no offense; I was wondering of the difference, if any?

Thank you for review.

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