Warm Apple Pie from Tea, Oh!

Warm Apple Pie from Tea, Oh!I’ve tried a few “apple pie” flavored teas in the past.  Just like most things in life, some were good while others were disappointing.  This Warm Apple Pie tea from Tea, Oh! belongs to the good category… in fact, it is one of the better apple pie teas I’ve tasted.

The apple flavor is well-defined here.  It is further enhanced by the light touch of cinnamon, and I think that this is where this tea really excels.  While some teas can really go overboard with the cinnamon – this offering has just a touch of cinnamon that encourages that “apple pie filling” taste.  It isn’t spicy or hot, it’s more like a sprinkling of cinnamon just to accent the apple flavor.  It’s like gramma would make!

The Black Tea tastes strong black tea.  Brisk but not what I would consider to be “bold” or aggressive – it lets the flavors do their thing while still making its presence known.  It has a slightly drying astringency.  If over-steeped, this tea can become bitter, so keep an eye on the timer.  I steeped my cup for just 3½ minutes and the tea tastes perfect and bitter-free!

The sip begins with a taste of black tea, and within a moment or two the flavors begin to develop on the tongue.  The flavor of apple that’s been lightly kissed with cinnamon washes over the palate.  Towards the end of the sip, a “pie crust” kind of taste arrives.   The finish is apple-y sweet with hints of buttery crust.

Tea, Oh! describes this blend as

A cozy, smooth black tea flavoured like warm apple pie.

I personally prefer this tea hot as the apple pie flavors are very autumnal to me, and autumnal flavors should be warm!  I like this just fine without any sweetener, but if you wish to enhance that pie crust taste, I recommend a little sprinkling of turbinado sugar or brown sugar.  Not much, just enough to help bring out some of those elusive notes.

For a real treat try adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an Apple Pie a la Mode tea float!  YUM!


Pu Erh Tee

How do they actually make the apple pie flavor? Do they use artificial aromas, or do they cut up apples, put cinnamon on it, dry it and store it with the tea leaves so that the tea takes in the aroma, or…? Hope you can answer my question, would really like to know.


My taste buds got going reading an article :). I love apple pie and would like to try the tea with that flavor.

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