Watermelon Blackberry Honeybush from 52Teas

Watermelon Blackberry Honeybush from 52Teas

Boy-oh-boy!  When I was young, I used to call watermelon “boy-oh-boy” because I was so excited to be having it.  It was definitely my favorite fruit back then.

Not a lot has changed since then, at least, not as far as my favorites are concerned.  I’ve added a few more favorites on to my list, but, watermelon remains one of my all-time favorite summertime treats.

So I was pretty excited when 52Teas announced this as their tea of the week for May 21.  I love watermelon flavored teas/tisanes, but I think that the flavor is a little difficult to perfect, because there really aren’t a whole lot of watermelon flavored teas out there.  But, I had faith that 52Teas would do watermelon proud.  And I was right – because, boy-oh-boy!  Is this good!

I wouldn’t have thought to pair watermelon with blackberry, but the combination really works.  The watermelon and blackberry flavors are pretty evenly balanced with this blend.  The blackberry is sweet and juicy with just a hint of berry tartness to it, while the watermelon is absolutely mouth-watering.  The flavors are very true to the fruit, and if I didn’t brew this myself, I would have no problem identifying this as a watermelon and blackberry flavored tisane.

The {en:honeybush} – now that is another thing all together.  I do taste that distinct honey-sweet, nutty flavor of the honeybush, but when compared to how strong the watermelon and blackberry flavors are, it seems like such a minor flavor.  But that’s alright with me, because as delicious as this blend is, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

52Teas describes this blend as

Two of my favorite summer fruits and honeybush, what could be better? Not much, in my opinion. Caffeine-free and delicious.

This tisane tastes really good served hot, but it is really better iced.  I prefer my watermelon served cold too … usually with a sprinkling of salt.  I wonder how this tisane would be with a pinch of salt in it.  Perhaps I shall have to try it the next time I brew some.  As it is though, this is really great served straight with no sweetener at all.  A little bit of sugar helps to amplify the flavor if you’re going to ice it, but, it is still really good if you want to go sugar-free.

Overall, the cup is light and very refreshing … and deliciously thirst-quenching!  I am LOVING this!

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Strawberies are better ;p

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