What’s Your Favorite Tea?

Tea CupThis tea blog, although growing fast, with a  panel of wonderful tea reviewers, is still quite a young blog.  And as such I find myself wanting to branch out and find new teas that I’ve not found before, as well as being able to recommend teas (and buy and send samples to)  our review panel.  (Interested in reviewing with us? Click here to learn more)

So tell me, what tea tickles your fancy? What teas should we taste and review?  Let me know what tea YOU really love.


Chris Reid

My personal favorite at the moment is the “Sagittarius” blend from Adagio Teas. It is very similar to “Earl Grey Bravo”.


My favorite tea is just a simple fragrant jasmine tea, second to that is a tie between Chinese daffodil and Dragonwell. They make me feel so warm and relaxed.

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