White Blueberry from Tea For All Reasons

Blueberry White Tea from Tea For All ReasonsThis is the best blueberry tea I’ve ever tasted.  Just like eating fresh ripe blueberries!  I’m usually not a fan of fruity or berry teas, however this one breaks all the rules (it’s not tart, not bitter, and it doesn’t taste like a mouthful of hibiscus and rosehips), and makes me a fan of this particular fruit tea blend.

Even the aroma sings of true blueberry essence, and is a pleasure to sniff as well as drink!

Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy describes this tea as:

A delicate tea with a pronounced blueberry flavoring, delicious iced or hot. This is perfect for a Fourth of July picnic! You’ll think you are drinking blueberry pie!

I have to slightly disagree with that -this is not a blueberry pie – with no disrespect to TFAR, there’s nothing pie-like about this tea, however with that being said, it’s still the best blueberry tea I’ve tasted, and if you use the search box at the top there to search for “blueberry”, you’ll see I’ve tasted quite a few!  And it truly tastes just like fresh blueberry…I can’t emphasize that enough.

One of my fellow reviewers here, Becky, has been on the lookout for a great blueberry tea to replace a favorite discontinued blueberry tea.  Becky, let your search end here, this is THE blueberry tea.  The White Tea base give it a really LIGHT, soft, slightly sweet floral base, but the blueberry flavoring is simply gorgeous.  And this tea brews up into a deep *true* blueberry color, so you’ll wonder if you are actually drinking blueberry juice in water!  I love every aspect of this tea, it’s the perfect spring and summer tea!

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I’ll definitely give this tasty sounding tea a shot! 🙂

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