White Christmas from Stash

Christmas White by StashI am really on the fence with White Tea. I’ve had some great tea in which the white tea offers a fresh base for the other flavors, and I’ve had some horrible teas in which the taste of white tea ruins the taste. White tea is really healthy for you, so I want to enjoy it; it’s just that I approach every cup of white tea quite cautiously.

Stash describes this tea as:

Unique blend of white tea, cool peppermint, and a hint of ginger. Adding a touch of sugar brings out the distinct flavors.

Since I’m writing a review, you probably figured out that I liked this tea. As you brew it the color goes from a light yellow champagne color that gets slightly more yellow/green as it steeps longer. The white tea taste wasn’t really noticeable, but you could tell there was something a little different from a normal cup of peppermint tea. It tasted a little lighter, which I liked.

I think the holiday name of this tea does it injustice. While Stash makes some great holiday flavored teas, there is nothing here to suggest winter, or Christmas. In fact, the combination of peppermint and ginger is perfect to help you digest your food after a big meal. And since white tea usually has less caffeine than Black Tea, this would be fine to drink after dinner, and it wouldn’t keep you up all night.

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The Tea Guru

Even though I normally don’t drink bagged tea, I’ll admit this one was lovely – very refreshing in a crisp way.

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