White Ginger from Golden Moon Tea

White Ginger from Golden Moon TeaThis is a very high quality White Tea.  The ginger in this tea is extremely subtle, and those people who are sensitive to ginger and other spices will find that this tea is not very spicy, and not at all overwhelming.  Instead the focus on this tea is the white tea, and the ginger provides only a subtle whisper of earthiness in the background, making this a fuller, more robust tea.

Golden Moon Tea describes this tea as:

Golden Moon Tea delicately blends hand-plucked white loose leaf tea leaves and exquisite Yin Zhen buds with freshly dried ginger root to produce a sweet and enlivening cup. Ginger, treasured by traditional herbalists for its strengthening and digestive properties, lends a spicy and aromatic note to the clear infusion. White Ginger, delicate yet vibrant, serene yet sensuous, warming yet refreshing.  Ingredients: White tea, ginger root

The silver needle-style white tea leaves are so full of downy hairs as well as being fresh and tippy.  Indeed the white tea is the star of the show here, with the whisper of ginger only being an afterthought.  I enjoyed this tea hot with a bit of sugar. I think it might lose some of it’s flavor if iced.  It comes packaged in a very attractive tin that is lovely in your kitchen, making this an all-around winner!

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That is surprising that the ginger is light, maybe this would be a ginger tea I like

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