White Guava Ginger from Art of Tea

White Guava Ginger from Art of TeaThis is really delicious.

Guava is not a tropical fruit that I often associate with tea, I guess because I don’t see it as often as I see some of the other tropical favorites like mango, pineapple or coconut.  But, I think it should be featured more often in teas – because this blend is very good.

The guava and ginger are at well balanced levels, with the guava offering a sweet, smooth flavor, and the ginger not being too spicy or hot, but providing a gentle warmth throughout the sip, and more importantly, seems to cut through some of the sweetness of the guava to prevent the tea from becoming too cloying.

The White Tea base is not overwhelmed by these flavors, either.  It has a sweet, delicate flavor that is in harmony with the flavors of ginger and guava.  It tastes fresh and almost silky. No astringency, no bitterness, just a velvety rich, white tea taste.

The ingredients list “organic strawberry” as one of the ingredients here, and I can see bits of dried strawberry tossed in with the long, downy white tea leaves and petals.  Since the guava does have a flavor that is similar to strawberry in some ways, I can’t say that what I taste here is distinctly strawberry, but I do taste strawberry-esque tones to the cup.  Whether they belong to the guava flavoring, or the dried bits of strawberry, I do not know.   Regardless … this is really a deliciously different tropical tea experience!

Art of Tea describes this white tea blend as

White Peony hand blended with a “superfruit” guava flavor and a sharp finish. This tea has a pleasant rich scent with an exotic and tropical taste. It brews a light color and prepares nicely as a hot or iced tea.

This tea has a natural sweetness to it so taste it before you add any sweetener – you may find that you don’t need it!

I really like this tea, and I really like Art of Tea, too.  They provide exceptional customer service, and they are a company that I really enjoy conducting business with for this reason.  They respond promptly to emails and ship orders quickly.  And they go above and beyond to make sure that the customer enjoys their experience with them.  It is a company that I will continue to shop with time and time again because they have earned that loyalty!

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