White Hawaiian Blend from Da Cha Teas

White Hawaiian Blend from Da Cha TeaAloha!  This bright and beautiful White Tea blend is brimming with juicy tropical fruits!  Da Cha Teas starts with a soft floral White Peony white tea (also known as Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu Dan White Tea), which is the perfect base for this tea.  Soft and willowy, the white tea leaves give this blend the best accent to the tropical flavors.

Amongst the tea leaves are bright white coconut shavings and what appears to be safflower petals to enhance the gorgeous appearance of the tea.

The flavors that are so wonderfully accented by the Bai Mu Dan white tea are coconut, pineapple and papaya…delicious in every way, and a total tropical sensation.  The juicy flavor of the papaya slightly stands out above the rest, but the pineapple and coconut are so well-balanced that it all rounds out into the perfect “essence of the tropics”.   Some of the best Hawaiian fruits are represented in this tea that is very refreshing whether you served it hot or iced!

Da Cha Teas describes this tea as:

Our unique Hawaiian Blend is a tribute to Hawaii,  and to all those who love the tastes and aromas of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. This light and fun blend of White Peony tea, combined with tropical fruits of shredded coconut, pineapple pieces, and papaya flavors awakens the smells, and tastes of Aloha.

The fragrance is indeed very alluring…totally tropical and intoxicating!  And as I mentioned above, this makes one GREAT iced tea in the summertime.  This tea also has a slight natural sweetness to it, so go easy on the sweetener…can even make a great un-sweetened tea!  The flavors are accented a bit by a touch of sweetener, but be wary of using too much.  Milk would overwhelm some of the more tasty-yet-subtle flavor nuances in this blend that you won’t want to miss by hiding it with milk.

Another sensational tea from Da Cha Teas!

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I love this tea.

My favorite way to drink it is iced, mixed with unsweetened pomegranate juice. It’s addictive!

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