White Lavender Calm from My Tea Shelf

White Lavender Calm from My Tea ShelfOh, MY!  This tea just flat out does it for me. The quality of this tea as well as the quality of the company which blends it, My Tea Shelf, has made quite an impression on this tea taster.  They don’t pay me to say that, I don’t get reimbursed in any way for my words here, and we don’t even use an affiliate link – so you know that I’m telling you the truth when I say this is one incredible tea.

Now, it’s important to note that this is also an extremely feminine tea.  Light, delicate, airy…a zephyr of alluring floral tones.  If you like your tea stout, strong, or bold – this is not the tea for you.  This is a tea which absolutely requires a delicate china teacup, preferably with an English Rose pattern and gold trim.

I knew when I first saw the package, I was in for a treat.  My Tea Shelf goes above and beyond what you can expect from a tea company, then proceeds to wow you with their dedication to detail and being eco-friendly (as well as customer-friendly!).  This tea was lovingly placed into a *sewn* teabag which featured a tag made from recyclable materials and is hand-stamped with a stamp that relates to the tea you are drinking!  Then it is carefully labeled in beautiful packaging that shows that they really do care about their business and their teas.

My Tea Shelf describes this tea as:

White Lavender Calm by My Tea ShelfBring calm and positive emotions to your day with this aromatic tea. This delicate blend of silver needle White Tea and organic herbs will relax you at work without loosing concentration.

Ingredients: Organic {en:roses}, organic {en:chamomile}, organic {en:anise} seed powder, {en:lavender}, organic {en:lemon_balm|lemon balm}, organic silver needle white tea.

1 tsp/cup . 175°water . for 2 minutes

This tea brews up to the palest yellow color, and the brewed tea holds the aroma of a symphony of floral fragrances – so much though that the fragrance can be likened to a meadow on a fresh spring day.  You can smell the roses, chamomile, and lavender most prominently, however the high quality silver needle white tea lends a mild nutty yet refreshing note to both the taste and fragrance of this tea.  The floral tones are very strong, but the silver needle white tea is of good enough quality that they don’t totally overwhelm the tea base.

My Tea Shelf explains on their website why their teas taste so good:

By combining pure ingredients with medicinal herbs what you get are teas that do a body good. Almost all my herbs and teas are organic, many are fair trade and all the bags I use are compostable. You won’t find artificial flavors or packaging that could hurt the Earth anywhere near My Tea Shelf.

The flavor of the White Lavender Calm is layered with many subtle nuances.  I can’t say it definitively tastes like “_______”, because there are so many different notes to the brewed tea.  The lavender plays a factor in the flavor but is not the most prominent flavor, which I would have to say is the chamomile.   The white tea struggles with the chamomile to win over the palate while the lavender and roses arrive as complementary notes, with the sweetness of anise as an afterthought. It’s absolutely striking, especially if you love a good floral tea!

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Ooooooh, this sounds wonderful. I went to the site and found several more that sound out of this world. Thanks for the review, but now you made me want to spend more tea money!

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