White Lavender from Liquid Jade Tea

White Lavender from Liquid Jade TeaCrisp and refreshing, this white lavender tea truly surprised me.  From the appearance and fragrance of the dried leaves, I thought this tea would be much more floral than it is, and I wasn’t expecting the crisp almost piney flavor in the background.

The base of this tea is made from an Indian White Tea, which is what makes this tea so refreshing and delicious!  Usually, most white teas are grown and produced in Asian countries such as China and Japan. However, what most people don’t know is that India also produces very fine, very rare white teas, especially in the Darjeeling Tea estates in India.   This particular Indian white tea is delightful, holding a very exotic and invigorating flavor that has a smooth pine undertone that is not at all unpleasant.  Instead it reminds me a bit of juniper berries!

The lavender in this tea is strong and definitely pronounced.  However, the fresh juniper notes from the Indian white tea prevents this tea from tasting like lavender potpourri, and instead creates a unique and invigorating tea blend that I would highly recommend to fans of flavored white teas, or lavender enthusiasts.

Liquid Jade Tea describes this tea as:

The aroma alone of this Indian white tea mixed with organic lavender seems to relax the mind and body. A calm focus results from the revitalizing white tea mixed with the lullaby of our pungent lavender. Take a brief tea break and drift away into fields of purple with our White Lavender.
Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified Indian White tea, Organic Lavender

Although this tea is delicious hot, it also makes an outstanding iced tea.  If you are using this tea to make iced tea, be sure to use about twice the amount of leaves in the water than you would if you were brewing it as hot tea, because sometimes when you ice white tea, it can take away some of the white tea flavor, so be sure to include extra leaves for brewing iced tea.

I recommend serving this tea plain or with a touch of sugar.  I used {en:Turbinado} sugar and loved the flavor of it with this particular White Lavender tea blend.  However do not add milk to this tea as it will easily overwhelm the more subtle flavor and aroma nuances which make this tea so spectacular.  Also be sure not to add too much sugar or it will make it syrupy.

This is a fantastic flavored white tea, and easily one of the best Indian White tea bases I have tasted.   I hope that Liquid Jade Tea considers doing more with their Indian White tea.  A strawberry white tea with this particular white tea base would be exquisite.  This is definitely an up-and-coming tea company to keep an eye on!

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Debra Kushon

I’ve ordered several times from Liquid Jade and have never been disappointed. Their ingredients are high quality and their business model is very professional with a touch of class. My favorites are the Yeilding Detox and Sleeping Buddha. I drank Sleeping Buddha almost exclusively during my pregnancy to help with nausea and going to sleep. Love this company!

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