White Licorice from Golden Moon Tea

White Licorice from Golden Moon TeaThe Tea Guru loves herself a good black licorice candy!  My favorite black licorice candies are Good & Plenty, Licorice Wheels and any salty licorice (Swedish licorice is the BEST).   This tea was therefore quite delightful to me, as it tastes just like a black licorice candy.  Although its flavor is closer to anise than licorice (and many licorice lovers can tell the difference!) it still presents a refreshing and energizing licorice flavor.

Sweetener is perfect with this tea as it really makes it taste more like a sweet licorice.  However, unsweetened it is still extremely refreshing and invigorating.  Perfect any time of day.

Golden Moon Tea describes this tea as:

First in the world to find flavored White Tea, Golden Moon Tea presents to you a White Licorice tea that is a rare white loose leaf tea leaves perfumed with deep, Far-Eastern essence of licorice.

The beautiful, large leaves are intimately mingled with star anise to produce an intriguing, sweet bouquet in this white licorice tea.

Ingredients: White tea, star anise

Are you interested in a flavorful yet healthy white tea experience? If you are Golden Moon Tea guarantees you will love our White Licorice Tea!

Golden Moon Tea’s White Licorice Tea delivers to you a harmonious balance of herbs, smokiness and licorice that delivers a smooth taste and creates a sense of serenity and well being.

Why Should You Buy our White Licorice tea?

Unlike most star anise tea our White Licorice Tea is both warming and cooling. Its unique and sensual licorice taste you enjoy is the result of blending whole pieces of fresh star anise in a way that establishes a flavor unsurpassed by any other star anise tea on the market.

In our White Licorice tea, we use a large white tea leaf that is green and light brown in hue with an abundance of silver tips. This white tea base has a delicate yet complex flavor with subtle herbal notes and a hint of smokiness that you will love.

The quality of the leaf of this White Licorice Tea is outstanding and is robust with capacity for multiple infusions without flavor loss. The flavors of this star anise tea meld together in a natural Yin/Yang way that provides a unique smooth taste of the Orient.

I really don’t think I can explain this one better than the manufacturers have – a rare feat, but my hat’s off to Golden Moon for a very thorough explanation!  It is indeed warming and cooling at the same time.  It loses just a little of its depth when iced (as most white teas tend to – especially since this particular tea gets a lot of its smoky quality from the delicious white tea base); however it’s still quite delicious as a chilled tea as well.

The aroma is VERY strong, and really makes this tea incredible all the way around.  One of the best flavored white teas I’ve tasted!

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Guy Michaelson

I highly recommend this tea. Golden Moon really has a winner here. This is my favorite and I’ve tried many. The delicate balance between their quality white tea and the mild star anise makes for an exquist blend. I love it as an ice tea. Since I started enjoying it this summer I find nothing else comes close to quenching my thurst.

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