White Monkey from Tea Story


Today I have decided to review this tea.

This is White Monkey from Tea Story.

I was told about this tea from a good friend of mine so I thought I had better give it a try.

My friend did tell me that she thought the tea tasted clean and fresh with very small notes of flowers (sounds like she should start tea reviewing!)

White Monkey is a Green Tea that is cultivated in the famous district of the seven mountains in the province of Jiangxi.

This tea is only harvested once a year in April which is a rarity.

I shall now begin my review.

I tear open the sample pack seal and undo the security seal and the aroma that comes out of the pouch is very tea-like, slightly grassy which includes woody undertones. I must admit with those aromas I wouldn’t expect that the tea would taste flowery and fresh, but here goes.

Tea Story advise that you use 1,5 teaspoons of tea leaves for 200ml and brew for 2-4 minutes at 70 degrees.

I prepare my kettle for boiling.

My kettle has now boiled so I pour the hot liquid into my teapot and let the leaves infuse.

4 minutes later I pour out the hot tea into my favourite china cup. The liquid is clear, fresh smelling and the leaves have unfurled and are pale green in colour.

I take a sip and I am pleasantly surprised with the taste. It is sweet, it is clean tasting, it is fresh and flowery but most importantly it is a palatable yummy green tea that would be suitable for all day drinking in my opinion.

Tea Story describes this tea as-

A green tea cultivated in the famous district of the seven mountains in the province of Jiangxi. The annual production is limited. This makes this tea, which is only harvested once a year in April, a rarity. During that time the tea leaves and buds develop the special freshness that offers the perfect tea indulgence.

These delicate leaves are gently and gingerly steamed and dried. The dried leaf is said to look like that of a monkey’s paw. Legend has it that this tea originally grew on treacherous, rocky slopes, making tea-picking a perilous task. The local people grew tired of risking injury for their tea and trained monkeys to forage for the tea leaves instead, rewarding them with food. In honour of the indispensable role of our resourceful cousins, the tea was named ‘White Monkey’.

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1,5 tsp for 200ml, 2-4 min, 70 °C

This particular tea is very good for multiple infusions. Just add fresh hot water to the pot and increase the steeping time slightly for each subsequent infusion. Repeat until the flavor starts to fade.


How many cups of tea there is:

20 grams – 13 cups*
50 grams – 33 cups*
100 grams – 66 cups*
150 grams – 100 cups*
250 grams – 166 cups*

* – on average, based on 200 ml cup and one infusion


Overall I would say this tea is perfect for any time of the day, when you feel you need to be refreshed and for when you want a clean tasting mildly sweet green tea.


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