White Peony from Rishi Tea

White Peony from Rishi TeaI enjoy the light flavor of White Tea (in this case, Bai Mu Dan), especially in the late afternoon. It is a time of day when I am starting to feel sleepy, but I don’t want a huge jolt of caffeine. This particular tea has a gentle, soothing flavor, with just enough body to give my mind a re-boot without feeling jittery.

The leaves are green, wide, and very delicate. They break with hardly a touch. There are lots of fuzzy white buds throughout the mix. The leaves have a sweet, cocoa like scent. After brewing a yellow-amber cup, the sweet aroma or chestnuts tickles my nose. It is mellow and slightly vegetal.

The tea has a soft mouthfeel and smooth nutty flavor with a lingering taste of honey. It is earthy, and light enough to be quite refreshing. This tea has such a warm, soothing effect!  Every sip gives me the feeling of lying on a large, fluffy pillow. A pillow stuffed with fuzzy tea buds! It’s amazing how this tea can calm my frazzled nerves, and revive me at the same time.

Rishi describes this tea as:

Bai Mu Dan is prized for its smooth, sweet flavor and slightly woody, toasted aroma. Gentle processing and a unique withering process result in an amber-orange infusion with low astringency, weighty mouth-feel and a mild flavor that pairs well with most foods.

The subtle flavor of this tea makes it one that I’d reach for later in the day, but probably not in the early morning. It doesn’t have the boldness to hold up to a sleepy morning. But it is perfect in the afternoon or evening, whether you need a little revving up, or help settling down.

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