Wild Cherry from Kokomo Tea

Wild Cherry from Kokomo Tea

I was initially a little skeptical when I opened this tea as I’m pretty picky about the fruit teas I drink.  However the aroma of the dried leaves was robust and very bold, so I held hope for this not being the same old tart, overly astringent, hibiscus-flavored fruit tea.

And once I started to drink it, I really began to completely enjoy the experience as it is more of a deep,  malty dark cherry flavor than a bright tart cherry, which was very soothing to me.  This is one fruit tea I wouldn’t pass up.

Kokomo Tea describes this tea as:

Fun and fruity, this Black Tea blend is not called Wild Cherry for just any reason. The flavor of wild dark cherries will thrill your taste buds with its savory sweetness, causing you to go mad for more! Whether you sip it hot or gulp it cold, Wild Cherry was intended to make you feel young and free, no matter your age or situation.

The high quality bold black tea gives a lovely malty base for this blend, and the large dried chunks of strawberries make it even lovelier.  However don’t be fooled by the addition of strawberries, this is a very authentic dark wild cherry flavor that even those people who don’t much like fruit teas would appreciate!

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From the title, I wouldn't have thought I would like it – cherry always makes me think syrupy. But your describtion is very enticing!. And I agree… any fruit black tea needs a good bold leaf behind it!

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