Yerba Mate Matcha Powder from Vitalife

Yerba Mate Matcha from Vitalife

Today I received a brand new tea sample from Vitalife – but not just any tea sample.

This tea is powdered Yerba Maté (or ‘Yerba Mate Matcha’, as Vitalife describe it), and apparently Vitalife are the first and only company in the World to offer Yerba Mate in its powdered form. So, to say I’m intrigued to try this is an understatement.

Now, this tea is not cheap, at a price of £14.99 (around $24) for 30g (around 30x servings) – the rarity of this tea is very much represented in its price. But, then again, have you ever tried powdered Yerba Mate before? This is a rare opportunity to try something completely unique, and I’m about to discover whether the tea lives up to its price-tag.

Opening the pouch and unlocking the zip-lock unleashes an earthy, vegetative aroma – one that is unlike any other matcha I have tried. Not an unpleasant smell – far from it – but very different, a little ‘sharper’ in its scent.

I place 1g (around 1/4 of a teaspoon) into my mug and whisk thoroughly with warm water.

The colour that this produces is very similar to that of a low-grade matcha, as the powder is not as vibrant or vivid as higher-grade matcha Green Teas like Vitalife’s Ceremonial matcha green tea that I reviewed some months ago.

Taking my first sip, I’m slightly surprised by the smooth flavour of this tea. Unlike the scent suggests, the tea isn’t at all ‘sharp’ or bitter, it was honestly a delight to drink.

As with all matcha powders, it left a little ‘sludge’ in the bottom of my mug, but with a little swirl, and a big gulp, I drank this too – and this was still smooth!

Yerba is renowned for its energising effects, and I certainly felt these effects after drinking this version.

Here’s what Vitalife say about their Yerba Mate Matcha:

A classic South American energising tea, with a difference.

This is powdered Yerba Mate matcha – delivering a fuller flavour, texture, and greater antioxidant properties than traditional steeped leaf mate.

Our pioneering approach to matcha tea means we are the first company in the World to offer Yerba Mate in a powdered format.

Overall, I have to agree with Vitalife, this tea delivers a flavour and texture that you just can’t get with traditional Yerba Mate. One I would recommend to those who like trying new things!


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