Young Ripened Puerh from Enjoying Tea

Young Ripened Pu-Erh from Enjoying TeaIf you’ve read my prior reviews on Pu-er teas, you will know that I am a huge fan.  I love their aged flavor, and the aroma and taste of autumn leaves and golden honey. To be sure, Pu-er teas are an acquired taste.  Most people either love them passionately or dislike them passionately, and very few people love the flavor immediately.  Personally, it is the earthy qualities of the Pu-er tea that I love the best, which is why my favorite Pu-er teas have always included ginger with the blend.

However this particular Pu-er tea from is a unique Pu-er tea which holds the same qualities of most Pu-er teas as mentioned above, but also has a mysterious delicious bright coppery undertone that just absolutely shines in this tea. It’s refreshing yet mellow, and has the perfect aged flavor.

Enjoying Tea describes this tea as:

This ripened Puerh Tea is from Yunnan Provence in China. Quality Yunnan tea leaves and buds are selected for post fermentation that allows the tea to fully ripen. The ripened tea is allowed to age for around 1 year. Doctors in Kunming reported that drinking this tea helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream and helps digestion. The Puerh with dark and reddish black leaves makes a heavy thick tea with strong earthy aroma. It is very popular in Cantonese Tea Houses and is normally consumed with Dim Sum. This tea is commonly mixed with chrysanthemum flowers to create a Chinese Restaurant Tea.

Honestly this has become one of my favorite all-time Pu-er teas, and while it does not have the special qualities about it that some very old Pu-er bricks have about them, this Pu-er is a great everyday tea for everyday drinking.  It has quality, consistent flavor and is very affordable!



Totally love Puerh tea!! I love the camels’ breath best of all. It was pretty instant for me, that damp-foresty taste, and the richness. And the 5 or 6 cups per pot you can brew? A winning combination.


Interesting stuff. Tea is one of my favorite things to drink. I’ve only ever really had it in tea bags though. I usually go for earl grey. Maybe I’ll learn something more about it here.

The Tea Guru

We’ve reviewed quite a lot of bagged teas too! Although if you’ve never tried loose tea, you don’t know what you are missing! *grin*


Every time I find your blog I get the urge to make a cuppa!!

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I’m totally with you on Puerh teas! But you’re correct abt first time impressions… The first time we tried them, my kids spat their’s out and said “Mom, we’ve got everything we need to make this tea right in our own back yard!” Six years later, however, they drink it probably every day!

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