Youthberry White Tea from Teavana

Youthberry White Tea from TeavanaThis light and lively White Tea from Teavana is a delicious fruity treat for anytime of year. With it’s white tea leaves, acai berries, red currants, apples, rosehips and hibiscus, this tea is absolutely full of {en:antioxidants}!  Because of those ingredients, this tea is quite tart, so I advise adding a bit of sweetener to it to take the sharp edge off of it, and sweetener also enhances the fruit flavors which are abundant here, leaving a berry flavor on the palate.

Even though this brewed teas is absolutely bursting with flavor, the actual brewed liquor is nearly clear!  You would never guess how much flavor this tea contains just by looking at it, even though the dried tea is beautiful enough to double as potpourri.

Teavana describes this tea as:

Realize the legend of the Fountain of Youth with this ripe berry from the South American Acai Palm. In this tea blend, the acai berry is finely ground and carefully sifted into white tea tips and tropical fruit pieces to release a flood of vitamins and youthful energy in each enticing cup.

Ingredients: White tea, {en:Acai}, red currants, apple slices, {en:rosehips}, {en:hibiscus}, pineapple bits, mango bits, and rose petals.

The flavor is decidedly feminine, with fruity overtones and curiously subtle whispers of florals.  The mango and pineapple lends a strongly tropical background to the blend, and although it blends nicely with the other fruits in the tea, the mango is one of the more prominent flavors here.  The floral qualities of the roses stand out from the other flavors, lending a romantic touch to this tea.

The ingredients are very nice quality, which makes all the difference in this blend.  Somewhat tart, a little bit tropical, a lot fruity and a little bit floral is the best way to describe this tea.  Would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift to the tea lover in your life.  The long slivers of white tea are so beautiful and make this tea so good – and with the purported health benefits of this tea’s ingredients, this tea is an overall winner!



I would usually use honey as a sweetener for herbal teas but what would you suggest for this tea?

The Tea Guru

Honey would definitely be a good choice, as would Agave Nectar, or rock sugar.


What makes the Youthberry tea so aromatic? Which ingredient? Is it artificial?

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