Yumberry Blackcurrant from Stash Tea

Yumberry Blackcurrant from Stash TeaYum!  Berry!  Yumberry!  Having never tried a “yumberry” before, I had no idea what was in store for me before trying this tisane.  In fact, before receiving this tea from a friend in a swap package, I had no idea that such a fruit existed – I thought it was just a clever name for this herbal blend.

According to Wikipedia, a {en:yumberry} comes from the Myrica Rubra plant, and is also called a yangmei, and the fruit grown on the Myrica Rubra produces a (typically) deep red fruit that somewhat resembles a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry (see the photo below).  The flesh is said to be sweet and quite tart.

Yumberry or Yangmei Fruit

Having never tried the yumberry, I don’t know how true to flavor this tisane is.  What I do know, though, is that this tea is delicious!  A perfectly sweet, lightly tart brew that is deep plum-red in color, and smells delightfully berry-ish.   The flavor is also very berry-like.  The black currant flavor provides a very pleasant base flavor that is very similar to a raisin.  The sweet flavor lingers in the finish with just a slight hint of tartness dancing upon the palate.

The fruity flavor is very prominent in this tea, and the hibiscus and rosehips do not bring much to the flavor of this tea which is quite alright with me.  The hibiscus also does not bring much in the way of body to the tisane as it is quite light on the tongue, much lighter than I’m used to when it comes to a fruit and herbal tea from Stash.

Stash Tea describes this tisane as:

Some names are just perfect, and that’s the case for Yumberry, a truly yummy fruit that’s been grown and appreciated in Asia for more than 2,000 years. Yumberry’s flavor is intriguingly sweet and sour with flavor notes similar to cranberry and pomegranate.

Blackcurrants have a sweet, berry flavor that naturally enhances the delicious flavor of this tea.

Ingredients:  {en:Hibiscus}, {en:Rosehips}, lemongrass, yumberry flavor, chicory root, blackcurrant flavor, blackcurrant powder, and licorice powder.  Contains soy.

I really like this tisane from Stash.  It has a bright, pleasant flavor that is delicious served hot and would be very refreshing served as an iced tea – thirst quenching!   Because it’s naturally caffeine free, it’s a nice tea to drink later in the evening.  Another really good herbal blend from Stash!

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I also recently tried this tea. It is fabulous. Just sweet and fruity enough, it is perfect on it’s own.

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