Yunnan Green Silver Tips from Our Home Tea

Yunnan Green Silver Tips from Our Home TeaThe fragrance of this tea is quite grassy – in fact, it smells quite like a pile of freshly cut grass, warmed in the heat of the summer sun – so I was expecting the flavor to match it.  I was delightfully misled, because while there is a light vegetal tone to the profile, it is certainly not what I would consider grassy.

This is a complex tea with a pleasant mouthfeel.  Rich, smooth and sweet flavors wash over the palate, and linger in the finish.  The flavor is fresh with a hint of floral essence, and just the faintest presence of earthiness.  There is no bitterness, and a pleasant astringency that does not overwhelm the cup.  Because of its light composition, it is a tea that is perfect for any time of day, and especially for the afternoon into the early evening.

What makes this Green Tea so unique to me is the flavor.  Where most green teas possess more of a delicate nature, the flavor here is very abundant and rich, yet at the same time, does not possess the typical grassy notes that many of the more flavorful green teas have.  It is an excellent example of the great tasting teas that come from the Yunnan province.

Our Home Tea describes this tea as

Tell family and associates and friends, as well as people who may not be your friends – yet. This is a dark liquor producing tea from the Yunnan region in China. I has nice white-tips and a sweet taste that almost is betrayed by the dark color. You know what to do. Call somebody!!!

I prefer this tea hot, because as it cools, I found that the flavors became less distinct.  It is wonderful with a slice of lemon, and because these leaves have their own natural sweetness, it needs no sweetener.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cup of Yunnan Green Silver Tips from Our Home Tea – the first I’ve tried from this tea company.   Based on this experience, it shall not be my last.  I would recommend this tea to anyone looking for a delicious, affordable green tea without the grassy flavor that so often accompanies green tea.

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Mike Thios

I really like the tea from this place. I have ordered a few times and have been really happy. I have not tried this one but when I saw the name Our Home Tea I had to see what they had about it here.
I am going to check this one out.

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